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Energize your home


Placed on an empty area of your property or on your roof. Panels absorb the suns energy.


Absorbed energy from the solar panel is transferred as DC power to your inverter(s) and the inverter then changes this power to AC to be supplied to your home's appliances, a battery backup system, and the grid.

A battery serves two purposes and is used daily.

Not only will it provide power to critical loads, such as your fridge and lights when you are caught in a power outage, but it will also store your excess energy while waiting for the optimum time to sell it back to the grid thereby maximizing your solar systems effectiveness.

Not needing to be powered by solar, and providing ample energy for more devices even in winter months.

Running off natural gas or propane, these generators will automatically activate during a power outage even if you are not home. Power will be supplied as long as there is gas available in your propane tank or from your utility company.

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