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A digital approach with personal touch

Get a customized solution all while staying comfortable at home, going at your own pace.
How it works
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Using satellite imagery, aerial photography, and emerging technology like LiDAR we are able to precisely take all needed measurements to give you accurate job details and costs.

  • Calculate Electricity Use

    We will pull your home's electricity information and build a system that will reduce or eliminate the power being used from your electric company.

  • auroraradiance.png
    Shade and Sun Hours Discovery

    Using advanced software we will determine how much sunlight is hitting your roof to determine the optimum layout for your system.

  • Product Selection

    Every tool has its strengths. We will go over your personal goals and discover which line of products will best meet your requirements.

  • Workers with solutions of all-inorganic perovskite quantum dots, showing intense photoluminescence when illuminated with UV light. CsPbBr3 emit in the green and CsPbI3 emit red.


Graduate students developed the first solar cells from such quantum dots showing excellent performance. The research, Quantum dot-induced phase stabilization of OE±-CsPbI3 perovskite for high-efficiency photovoltaics, appears in the journal Science.

    We will schedule a day of your choosing to install your system. In the mean time we will process all permits and take care of all application fees.

  • System Activation

    Your electric company will give its approval for you to operate on clean energy. This is one of the many moments of the process where you will feel like doing a happy dance. We won't judge!

  • Receive Your Bill

    Depending on your electric company your new electric bill will be reduced to mere dollars a month while your home is being supplied by clean energy.

  • Ongoing Monitoring

    It doesn't stop with the install! We will continue to monitor your system performance for life and provide you with the tools to see how much electricity you are producing and how much you are using by the hour.

  • cleaning-solar-panels.jpg
    Schedule Your Cleaning

    Once-a year cleaning and inspection of your system is included for the first 5 years! Please make sure to mark your calendar and let us know beforehand if there's a better day to visit.

  • Spread the Word

    Why not tell everyone who can benefit from transitioning to clean energy why you chose to trust us with your business?

    We thank you for your support in endorsing businesses that promote positive change.

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